"Plum Jam "
Gryrnese Plum Jam


Plum Jam is a favorite filling for buns, used on Bosom Sow ham, and also for making candies. It can be mixed with water and diluted for a simple and sweet beverage. Variations for Holidays are also a treat. DrooFaaGiri's, a restaurant in Gyranfryll Wabe, was famous for their Plum Jams.


Gryrnese Plum Jam

4 cups cut-up plums 
1 ¾ cups Honey 


Wash plums; remove stones and chop into fine pieces. 
Stir together the honey and plum pieces in a large saucepan. 

Let sit for an hour, then bring to a boil, and cook at a full rolling boil for 15 minutes (don't forget to stir!)

Pour into hot jars, and seal with a thin layer of beeswax, when it cools add some more. 

Ground, salted ants may be added to create Holiday Jam 



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