"Tyrlest "
The Gryrnese Food Of Sorrows


A salty, bitter meal, made during a period of mourning, typically eaten in absolute silence. It is also made to commemorate the death of someone close to you. The Gryrnese bard of Gyranfryll, Tsunoharuto Yuki Nowha, is said to have feasted on Trylest for three straight days in grief over the death of a single rat, which was the inspiration for her most famous play, Yanerfras Te Saluum CotaLas, or "Prostrate <Of/The/On/For> mourning (for) (Existence in Time)", transliteration: "Floored By The Sadness Of Being". 

Lupiko ate Trylest at her mother's funeral.



Salt. Lots of it. 
Cone Tree Roots, sliced finely. 
Plum Tree Roots, in small strips. 
Green Basil, ground. 
Miriples, cut into wedges. 
Koi Oil 
Dandelion leaves, aged and bitter. 
Crickets, fresh. 


Sprinkle the bottom of your pan with salt, and line it with the Cone Tree Root. Add a drizzle of Koi Oil, and sautee gently, gradually adding your Green Basil. This makes the base for the bitter sauce.

Lower heat and stir occasionally, starting your Plum Tree Roots and Miriples in another pan, with just the barest drizzling of Koi Oil. Cook them well, take half of the amount from the pan and add it to your Cone Tree Root.

Increase the heat on your Cone Tree Root again, and add a little water so it doesn't burn. Keep this cooking hard until it is soft and squishy, adding water as needed.

Sprinkle salt into the Plum Tree Roots and Miriples, and add in the crickets. Fry well, and fry hard, making sure the crickets become crispy outside and tender within. Add the Dandelion Leaves at the last moment, allowing them just enough time to wither.

Serve sauce over Crickets, with a light sprinkling of salt.



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