Gryrnese Chewy Snack


A sweet, chewy snack, frequently bought by children after they get their weekly allowance. Sweet and tangy, it's a childhood favourite. Zussenips was included in the literary works of the Gryrnese bard of Gyranfryll, Tsunoharuto Yuki Nowha. Zussnips is a special favorite at the Annual Animal Fair, and also at Ant and Bee fest on Flame Island.



One medium-sized lump of Cone Tree gum 
One medium-sized cup of Plum juice, with pulp 
One dash of crushed Ants 
One handful steamed Rice powder (making a loose paste) 
A generous drizzle of Honey 

Heat Cone Tree gum with Plum juice, mixing the two well, until soft. Add the Ants and Rice powder, being careful to not allow it to grow too thick. Quickly add the Honey, and stir rapidly until well-mixed. Roll into small bite-sized pieces, and let cool.

Serves a small group of children with a sweet tooth, or two adults with the same


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