"Gyomus Lings "
Gryrnese Stuffed Pasties


This dish was rumored to have been a favorite of the Second Seat Alchemst Council Chairman Waen Pahworzu, who would have servings delivered during long meetings. Easy to eat and good warm or not. Gyomus Lings are a Gryrnese food favored as a 'cheer-up' dish.  Not unlike the terrestrial Ravioli or Pot Sticker, Gyomus Lings are a Gryrnese favorite.



ingredients: dough wrapper 

3 handfuls of steamed rice 
2 handfuls of rice flour 
2 pinches of salt 



3 pinches of trell pollen 
1 chicken egg 


ingredients: stuffing

2 handfuls of ground pork, or rat meat 
8 fresh dandelion tops 
3 sprigs of green basil 
3 sprigs of sour grass 
2 pinches of ground cone tree leaves 
4 pinches of TeKaskara 
2 pinches of salt 
1 chicken egg 



1 handful of cone tree nuts 
2 handfuls of chopped, dried crickets 



dough wrapper:

Grind the steamed rice in a mortar, adding rice flour and the salt as the mash starts to become sticky. If you want added flavor and color, you can also add the trell pollen and/or the chicken egg. Remember to keep adding rice flour if the mash, or 'moshi' starts to get too sticky. When you have a nice, semi-sticky ball of moshi, dust a table and a crystal hand roller with rice flour, and start to work the moshi into a flat sheet, dusting with rice flour to keep the dough from sticking to the roller. When you have the dough spead to about double or triple fingernail thickness, cut the dough into equilateral triangles in honor of the Worldplate that supports us, and set to the side.


Take the raw meat of your choice, and place in the mixing bowl. Chop the dandelion tops, green basil, and sour grass finely, and mix thoroughly into the ground meat. Add the ground cone tree leaves, the TeKaskara, and the salt to taste. Add the chicken egg last, to help act as a binder during the cooking process. If you wish to accentuate the cone tree flavor, you can add cone tree nuts to the mix. If you want a more 'crunchy' texture, you can also add the chopped, dried crickets.

Take one triangular dough sheet, and place a rounded dollop of stuffing mix in the center. Fold the verticies of the wrapper together, pinching the meeting edges together, and giving the top a slight twist. Poke a tiny hole on three sides to allow steam to escape. This should make 18-20 small Gyomus Lings.

Steam the Gyomus Lings for about 20 minutes in a covered steamer, or pan fry them in cone nut oil until the bottoms start to stick to the pan. You can use koi oil if you want to give the Gyomus Lings a slight koi flavor.


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