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   By Jennifer Diane Reitz, age 8

This 40-page cartoon book began on June 18th, 1968. I was eight years old, and had recieved a Strathmore drawing pad and a set of colored pencils. I had been drawing since before kindergarten, and I had begged for something better than crayons.

Cosmochronicles was done over a three-year period, from 1968 to 1970. The last page was drawn when I was ten years old.

This was a project that I worked on in fits and starts. I would forget about the book, rediscover it in a drawer, and do a page or two, then put it back, to be forgotten about once more. Months would go by with no additions, then I would have a sudden burst of drawing in it, then another pause.

Considering that my family and I moved every three to six months of my life, it is amazing that this work was not lost. Somehow I managed to keep hold of it, and thus have it today, in 2003, 35 years later.

I dearly hope that you enjoy this work of an eight-year old mind, from a time before humans had walked upon the moon, when Star Trek was a brand new show, and the Vietnam war was in full swing.

The inside cover of my Strathmore pad.


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