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The Final Destinies Of The Unicorn Jelly Characters



Wai-Wai managed to bear three sons over the course of his life, and raised them on his own. In his last years, Wai-Wai took in Vola Eretse, who had fallen on hard times, having been rejected by her own children. Before he died, in his sleep, at the young (for Ogre Clan individuals) age of 164, Wai-Wai had a profound effect on Vola, and almost succeeded in changing her negative outlook on life. Almost. Over the years, Wai-Wai became famed for his prowess with machines and invention, and made many technological breakthroughs, working closely with his close friend, Ogan Enton, with whom he shared a love of technology and innovation. Together, the two would one day be remembered with reverence as the first true scientists of the Gryrnese People


Iger continued to serve as Lymcit Pho's assistant and butler until the end of his days. Undistinguished otherwise, Iger remained a solitary man, and grew somewhat bitter in his latter years. His only attempt at a relationship, with a rather young girl, had scandalous results. Iger died, at the age of 184, in the middle of serving breakfast, dropping a tray of tea and plum buns as he fell. Among his personal effects, after, were found volumes and volumes of painstakingly hand-written fiction, poetry, songs and plays which were of utterly stunning quality, and which eventually became one of the greatest literary treasures of history. Centuries later, Arlex would be considered the greatest wordsmith in the history of Tryslmaistan Humankind.


Dachi Achyx took on the job of forming a proper and regimental Rectrix Guard, to fill the ranks of the curiously short-lived Kays. Her efforts produced a sterling personal guard for the Rectrix Chou, noted not only for supreme military prowess, but also great compassion and concern for the community. The Rectrix Guard was instrumental in saving the lives of the Human and Kay miners during the Great Mine Disaster, and were also noted for forming the Red and White Relief Corps, an organization dedicated to providing help to both Jellese and Humans equally. Dachi was cared for by her beloved twins, in her later years, after a tumultuous, decades long relationship with Lymcit Pho. Dachi died, age 168, while demonstrating proper attack stances to cheering crowds, during a special History Of The Rectrix Guard recruitment demonstration.  


Commander Lymcit Pho worked tirelessly to improve and benefit both the Humans and Jellese of New Gryrnu, and beyond. Partnered for many decades in a rather bumpy relationship with Dachi Achyx, Lymcit managed to convince the Rectrix Chou that having a regimental guard would be valuable on many levels. Throughout his life, Pho served as a mentor and second to Chou, and she later credited him as having the single greatest effect upon her success as Rectrix, and the greatest hero of New Gryrnu. Lymcit died rescuing miners in the Great Mine Disaster, bracing a section of cracking crystal wall with his body until both he, and it, gave out. He was 156 years old.


Li Rowfro eventually married Aki Enshi, and together they personally raised 43 children over the course of their lives, working to move beyond the 'Creche System' used normally to raise children during early colonial days. Li and Aki became champions of the 'Take Them In' movement, which brought children out of bunkhouse creches, and into more traditional Gryrnese environments. Because of their willingness to take in children, and to encourage others to do so, the Creche System was abandoned decades earlier than it would have been otherwise, and many children were able to feel part of a family, despite the required massive breeding efforts. Li died in his sleep, just after his 180th birthday party.


Together with her husband Li Rowfro, she championed an end to the Creche System, and worked to assure a decent childhood for the many, many children of the early New Gryrnu colonial period. Aki also became noted for her stunning new research into the useful properties, both medical and industrial, of the native life forms of New Gryrnu. She was most famous, however, for solving the 'Koi Problem'...the mystery of what escaped Koi manage to live on in the central sea of a Worldplate. This discovery would lay the foundation for a revolution in the understanding of how Human and Crystalline biology can interact. Aki died at the age of 203, impaled by a Pink SpikeWolf, during an expedition into the desert to follow the complete life cycle of Vlax, step by step.


Ossperk Erkins married into the family of his best friends Ogan Enton-Ororugi and Ylla Enton-Ororugi, and became Ossperk Erkenrugi. The three Erkenrugi's became a polyamory, a group marriage, a relationship that would last the rest of their lives. As a group, they raised 58 children together, inspired by the work of Li and Aki Rowfro-Enshi. The massive Erkinrugi clan was cited by Rectrix Chou once as being her Auxiliary Regimental Guard, a jest that was taken seriously by many, such that any Erkinrugi was often given special treatment, or asked to say words at functions or events! Ossperk worked as an inventor and Wiccalchemist with his close friend Wai-Wai Ngo. The early death of Wai-Wai unsettled him, and he fell into a decline, a depression that lasted for a decade. Ossperk became motivated to champion acceptance of transsexed, and handicapped indivduals such as Wai-Wai, and made great changes in Gryrnese society. Near the end of his life, Ossperk found a new career as a puppeteer, perfoming entertainments for children and adults that were beloved by all. Ossperk died at the age of 238, having outlived his beloved family, yet he was never alone, because, in his latter-day career as the Great Puppeteer Oss, he was surrounded by happy fans of his work till the night he peacefully perished.


Ogan Erkinrugi lived a happy life as a farmer and family man, with his beloved wife Ylla, and his co-husband, and lifelong best friend Ossperk. Ogan loved his fields, his orchards, the prize Bosom-Sows his wife raised, all the animals of his farms, and of course his many, many children. The man who feared a life of slavery to the Gears of Alchemy instead enjoyed the life he had always dreamed of, and more, and died a very happy man, surrounded by family and animals, at the age of 177.


Ylla Erkinrugi famed for her entire life as the greatest Busom-Sow expert ever, lived a domestic and happy life with her two husbands, Ogan and Ossperk, and raised "More children and pigs than you'd ever want to see in one place in ten lifetimes", developed a new method of using fertilizer that improved farming yields across the board by 15%, invented a vastly easier system to milk pigs, and also discovered the secret of keeping Vlax Domes alive indefinitely in pots. This last discovery alone earned her the Order Of New Gryrnu, and a place in the history books. "You just mess with something long enough, you're bound to figure it out!" she stated, after recieving the award. Ylla died at the age of 184, in the arms of Ossperk, surrounded by many, many, children and pigs.


The irascible Vola had a difficult time making friends throughout her life. She did manage to have 11 children over the course of her life, but none of them really cared for her. Lonely and bitter, she was taken in by Wai-Wai late in life, when she fell upon hard times. Under his care, dependent on him, she curiously began to open up and found a gift in music. Vola became quite a good singer, and composer, and became a favorite with local children in her later years. Despite this growth, Vola died, however, in the middle of a screaming rage over a matter of minor import that just happened to 'tick her off' at just the wrong moment. She was 164.


Millian Alberganst, or 'Redcloak', as he preferred to be called, spent the rest of his life partnered with his former enemy Texto Porfiria. Together, they created a cooking academy, ran a smithery, operated a leathershop, ran a contracting business for the construction of homes and buildings, and taught stealth fighting techniques in their martial arts studio. They moved to a new town, as soon as one was founded, and kept on moving, seemingly farther and farther away from the seat of government, in New Gyranfryll. Millian never reconciled with Chou, and to the end of his life claimed that she was the greatest evil that had ever walked the sands of the Tryslmaistan cosmos. Millian died in uncertain circumstances, apparently having deliberately set out alone, at the age of 175, across the open crystal desert, "To see the Edge, one last time, and to find an old friend". He was never seen again.


The greatest chef and caterer in the history of the Tryslmaistan cosmos, the creator of the famous and popular Dr. Alchemist cartoons, constant companion to Millian Redcloak, ended his life as mysteriously as he had lived it. At the age of 180, one day after Millian set out for the open desert, never to return, Texto strode to the center of the composting pit of a poor and unsuccessful local farmer, took two remarkable knives from his cloak, and disembowled himself with amazing grace and fluid motion. In all the years since the Ark Landings, Texto had never spoken a single word, and was considered mute, even by the man, Millian, that he had tended with utter devotion. He spoke in amazingly clear, powerful, and sweet tones; the voice of a young, strong man, and simply said "Please accept my donation to your farm. I pray you will find it good."



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