The Secret
Atmatastic Morphophilia Center

Wowsers,kidlets! It's time to let your tendrils loose, dust off
the hyper-weirdness component of your imagination machine,
because now we get to see a tiny bit of the truly nutters, utterly
Looly side of your author!

Know any Furries out there? If you are the kind of truly eccentric person who gets all the jokes in Unicorn Jelly, you bet you do. Gosh, you prolly are a Furry! Well guess what... I am too, sort of. While I am fond of the form of a cute anthropomorphic wolf, wishing I had a standard, off the shelf, stock anthropomorphic-animal body instead of being confined to a human corpus is just too ordinary for yours truly, though. I am the eccentric's eccentric.

Forget merely Going Off The Deep End..we're going for a Three Hour Cruise here....

Want to know about MY 'Perfect Body', my inner guise, my 'True Self'? Put your analyst on emergency standby, and get ready to meet me as my 'True Self': Aealacreatrananda, 'Aeala', for short. Howdy do!

My Perfect Body is nonbiological for starters. It hails from my own personal home cosmos, a hyperfractal multiply recursive shared-collective universe I call Pentolamerkan. It has losts of other names, because it is fairly open to settlers. In one of the vast fractal arms is a pocket extrusion that I call home, I laughingly name 'Gumball'...its a dimensionally recursive spherical Space some 10,000 miles in diameter...the walls of the sphere are covered with continents and seas, and floating throughout the hollow are 101 ten to 100 mile diameter planets, each unique. One of those worlds is mine, called Aealaloka, and a friend of mine, Glory, who is the Geist of a sapient computer from a distant and alien universe, projects a kind of 'Palace' there for me. It's a game we play. The micro-planets avoid collisions and provide light at the same time thanks to shining repultractive fields that cover all large scale masses ...within a certain distance (about 10 miles), effective 'gravity' pulls folks to the ground, outside that distance, the repulsion effects push masses away. The rest of the physics are even's extopic, rather than entropic, highly affected by will and consciousness, and much more besides. It's Home. For me, anyway. And a few quadrillion free souls, entities and such who like the basic design of Pentolamerkan, and have moved in and carved out their own realms in it. That's what Creatrixes like me do...make places for entities to play in. It's no big whoop, but I love doing it.

So my Perfect Body is reasonably is solid and uniform, all the way through, and kind of has the consistency of stiff dough, or rubbery, plastic clay. If you lop off an arm, it is no problem, and as soon as the sliced surfaces meet, they reform. It is a Gumby body. No hair: the ropelike tendrils are all extrusions of the mass substance, called 'uniplasm' of the body, and they are all capable of individual or mass movement and control. Medusa city. Mostly, though, it's easier to just let them dangle! The whole body is capable of massive polymorphing, as well as color and texture alteration...this is a true artistic shapeshifter's body, and can even just collapse into a puddle. It can flow and drip, or become solid and hard. It can do impressions, and take any form of the same mass.

The senses are diverse and extensive, with much wider and more acute ranges of perception overall.

My Aeala form does not need to eat in the conventional sense, indeed it cannot, really. The mouth is just for decoration, familiarity, and fun. The body has no true orifices...and is sexless too. 'Eating' in the pentolamerkan universe involves 'ringing' blends of waveform tonalities out of pseudocrystalline and pseudometallic nodes in shining bowls, and soaking them in. It's hyper-flavorful, in a full-body kind of way. Being an extopic universe, things tend to become more solid and complex and rigid, and need regular infusions of chaos to keep from going all enlightenment supernova, so it's important to 'bathe' by stepping into a big block of a phase-shifted 'Taansiel' looks like constantly rippling glass....and soak up entropic dissolution to remain healthy. Too much time in the block-bath though, can leave my Perfect Body all wriggly and covered in moving ripples, and these take time to wear off. It's creepy, and feels weird. Some folks like it though. Go figure.

The eyes are like gold coins, shiny and metallic, with dark pupils. There are six fingers on each hand, two thumbs and four equal digits. The feet that the reverse-joint satyr or fawn-like legs end in are not hooves, but have three toes, and there are no true nails...just flatter, harder concentrations of the uniplasm that the body is made of.

This immortal body is capable of a standard set of basic hyperdimensional and metaphysical extensions, so it can hover, fly, move objects at a distance, phase-shift, teleport, create and dissolve matter, space time, energy and dimension... basic standard crap like that. Can't be a Creatrix without Going Places and Making Stuff. My body doesn't need to sleep, but can, if desired. It looks really cool turned jet black or covered with stripes, or shifted to transluscent crystal look. Stock state is usually snow white, maybe with a slight bluish tint for effect.

The tail is of course, prehensile.

SO....your author's private, dearest heart's dream is to be an extraversal Creatrix with a sexless, childlike, immortal shapeshifting uniplastic body, effectively living inside the palatial, extruded portion of the body of a hypersapient machine intelligence that keeps a 'finger' of itself in an extropic, arcane cosmos, 'eating' waveform tonalities whilst taking 'baths' in out-of-phase blocks of crystalline chaos, and making entire universes as her artform?        

Pretty much. For starters, anyway.

Nothing fancy. I figure I will get more adventurous after I get a few eons under my belt.

So many people talk about some kind of heaven. To me, such places are basically theme parks. Maybe nice to visit for a holiday, but annoying after a while. Boring. Your basic God or Goddess is essentially a glorified civil servant, if you think about it. Useful enough, sure. Tend to be insecure, though. They play cosmic mommy or daddy for baby souls. I want better. If there is an afterlife, I have a clue about what I want.

After all, somebody has to make the universes for folks, for Gods and beings and creatures and entities, to play inside, and thats just the job for me! Make'em, Give'em away, Leave'em alone, and move on. Maybe play in them for a bit. Just for a bit. Once a universe is inhabited, it belongs to the folks who live in it. Move along, make a new one. Like any art.

Currently doing hard time on Earth, Mundis.
Served 42 years thus far, 
but not overly eager for parole.
Cited for Good Behavior.


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