When Mikil Fodderman was chosen as a husband by the High Elven Healer Yiriel Fyrnebelthryri of the Sea Temple of Port Kasru, well, lets just say the relatives were not pleased. Elves can be such stuffy and pretentious folk. Still, Yiriel never bows to anyone...or anything.

Thus when the boy Yasui was born, he was showered with gifts, and grew up in splendid surroundings. Raised to appreciate both his Human and Elven heritage, Yasui clearly preferred the human side early on. Somewhat manic, Yasui could not fit in well with his Elven relatives, and although too finicky for some humans, they are rowdier. Yasui likes rowdy.

It was this preference that led the youth to study swordsmanship, in which he excelled, at least at the level of talent and skill if not in intuition or judgement. Gifted with great precision and incredible dexterity, fencing and dueling became the passion of this reckless lad. This in turn led to the young Fodderman (he chose his father's last name, as yet another way to distance himself from his Very Particular Elven Relatives) finding himself in alehouses and the odd brawl.

It was such a circumstance in Ponsbury-On-The-Mere that led to the near death of Yasui. Unaware of the depth of anti-Elvish racism in the town, Yasui found himself desperately outnumbered, and with his sword stolen. He surely would have been beaten to death if not for the intervention of a cloaked stranger. Nursed back to health by the scarred, kindly Millian, Yasui found his soul mate.

Months later, the two were married, though not at the location Yasui had wanted. Fodderman's mother, Yiriel could not be argued out of a ceremony at her Sea Temple. Even so, everything went well, and in the end, Yasui was glad of it, being that his short-lived human father had been buried nearby. Yasui and Millian were given a sizable number of wedding presents, which added to their already substantial wealth.

Together, Fodderman and Redcloak constructed an elaborate mansion using their combined assets, and set up shop as professional guards for hire. Normally commanding high fees for the protection of important caravans, ships, and travelling personages, they also enjoy doing low-rate sliding scale guard work for causes and people they favor. One such individual has been the very young, and very earnest, Only Witch Of Ponsbury-On-The-Mere, Lupiko Kazemahou.


Fodderman Yasui, on his own, is a somewhat temperamental, slightly manic at times, occasionally cold, but ultimately charming young man. He prefers action to quiet, except in the company of his beloved Millian. Indeed, the presence of Millian in Fodderman's life has caused such a change in him that he is almost presentable to his Elvish relatives, something that delights his doting mother beyond any description. As part of Redcloak and Fodderman, Yasui has become very distant and quiet by comparison to his earlier years, although he will occasionally still become quite...lively...if something catches his attention.

Fodderman is very tidy, and fussy about sanitation, all qualities from his Elven side. This can cause some friction with humans, who are generally pretty sloppy by Elvish standards. On the other hand, he is also the first in any crowd to heckle a boring entertainer, or to 'liven up' a situation if it seems too serious or is being held too sacred. This tends to put him in bad graces with Elves.

Fodderman is as superb a chef as he is a swordsman, and that is saying a lot. He has studied architecture, and designed the mansion that he and his husband live in. He can judge the price of a sword just from holding and smelling the metal, and he is capable of being a brilliant painter, except that he finds painting "Boooorrring!!!!".

One would expect Yasui to be an expert dancer, what with an Elven background, and so much martial practice, but one would be wrong. Curiously, the man that can dance around an opponent in a duel, cannot dance on a dancefloor to save his own life. Yasui loves sweets and candy, and prefers elaborate foods of complex preparation. However, out of love for Millian, he has perfected the art of making stew. Unknown to Redcloak, Yasui has gradually been adding more complex ingredients to said stew over the years, to the point that now what is served as a common meal in the Redcloak and Fodderman home would probably impress Elves. This has led Redcloak to bafflement -and long winded ranting- at how bad the local restaurants have become over the years, something which amuses Fodderman endlessly.

Fodderman is of much more delicate build than Redcloak, but he is easily twice as fierce, and is not known for mercy in a fight. Thin but tough as nails physically, Fodderman Yasui finds help for his inner emotional fragility in the company of Redcloak Millian. Together they have effectively civilized Ponsbury-On-The-Mere.



Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Age: 56 (although this would be old for a human, for a half-Elf, he is still a very young man)
Occupation: Professional Guard For Hire
Alignment: Neutral

Height 5' 11", Weight 118 lbs. Teal eyes, Blond-yellow hair, very pale skin. Ears show slight Elven shape. Human and Elven heritage.

STR STRENGTH          14     (+2)
DEX DEXTERITY         18     (+4)
CON CONSTITUTION   12     (+1)
INT INTELLIGENCE      15     (+3)
WIS WISDOM           13     (+2)
CHA CHARISMA          17     (+4)

FORTITUDE         2
REFLEX                 4
WILL                     4

AC  18
SPEED 30' (6)

KINSEY         6 (exclusively homosexual)
RELIGION      "Boooooorrrringgg!"


Lightning Reflexes
Expert Dodge
Deflect Arrows
Silent Motion


Sudden Slash          2
Cooking Lore          3
Gourmet Chef         4
Spot                   3
Tumble                 3
Fencing                 3
Architecture           2       


Cure Minor Wounds (first spell he learned, from his mother)
Chain Lightning
Blade Barrier
Bless Weapon
Detect Traps
Storm Of Vengeance
Ineffable Flavor (secret Elvish cooking spell!)


Ancestral Elven Enchanted Mycrylate Broadsword "Tamerfryll" (1D6/1D6+8 Crit X2, +1D4+1 to undead, +1D6 to Orcs and Goblins, and +1D4 to Evil. If you are an Undead, Evil, Half Orc/Goblin, run the hell away.)
Wedding gift from Yasui's Elven mother Yiriel. Been in the family for roughly 200 years. When Yasui was a toddler, he would secretly -or so he thought- pee on it, to defy his mother. That's probably why she gave it to him for a wedding present. Mothers. Go fig.
Value 630,688 Til.

Additionally, Redcloak and Fodderman have an enormous collection of arms and armor in their mansion, including quite a few exotic and rare items.


Elven Ceramic Pauldron
Masterwork Helm
Really Classy Looking Buckle On Belt
Spatula Of Devastation (at least that is what Redcloak calls it!)


Talcryl and Talcrylic Script
Alpabe Runes


No Man Can Say. And live, anyway. Let's just leave it at the fact that they are not hurting any. They do not need to be Professional Guards For Hire, they just do it because it's fun, they like being involved, and it's something they can enjoy together.



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