Fantasy Role Play Gaming Rules
By Jennifer Diane Reitz


So what is the Unicorn System?

It is a fundamentally better way to play tabletop fantasy role play games, specifically those like Dungeons & Dragons, and it's many variants and imitators.

Unicorn Rules will make any game of this type play better, faster, with more excitement, more involvement, and above all, more fun. It strips away the errors of design that bog such games down, and concentrates the elements that make gaming worthwhile.

How did this system come to exist?

The Unicorn System is my creation, and I have successfully used and refined it over the course of some 22 years. I have been encouraged to release it to the world, and I have decided to do so. My credentials are that I am a professional game designer, founder of the cult favorite game company Accursed Toys Inc. and was once a professional Game Master.

What will Unicorn Rules work with?

The basic principles will work with any fantasy role play game, but the focus here will be on relating to Dungeons & Dragons as a base. D&D is well known, indeed is a fundament of gaming, and serves as the best way to explain things.



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