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One very unusual type of cosmos is the Archetype Universe. An Archetype cosmos is brought into existence within a space called the 'Fertile Void' by the collective thoughts and feelings (the Jungian Collective Unconscious, if you will) of the denizens of another universe. The Fertile Void is shaped by Will, so every daydream or thought creates a momentary, dissolving reflection somewhere within its vastness. Occasionally, however, a collective mass of thoughts will form a self-sustaining, permanent reality. This is the basis of the origin of universes in my Supercosmos.

Sometimes such a stable cosmos defies regular classification, because it is an archetype of some principle or idea somewhere. One such Archetype Universe I catalogued as CHILDS PLAY. Childs Play is a universe that reflects a metaphoric idea of the passing of life. In Childs Play, life begins tiny, grows in size and eventually becomes too large to move, collapsing under its own weight. The source of life is a form of light, which perpetually drifts through a cosmos that appears like an impossibly vast living-room, filled with  rapidly growing baby-like beings, and blocks of matter that can be piled up.

The baby-like creatures begin very small, and begin crawling after the life-sustaining light. As they persue the light that keeps them alive, they grow larger and larger. By playing with the blocks, the infantile beings can delay their growth, but the light keeps moving, and they are forced to follow. Eventually, they become to large to move their own bulk, and fall behind the light, to perish in eternal darkness.

The horror of this cosmos is that a party of adventurers that enters it for any time will find themselves slowly outgrowing their clothing even as they find they must follow the light to keep from starving....  

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