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This is a page from the chapter that includes AERYX class universes. Aeryx class universes are defined as being universes filled solidly with matter, such as an ocean of air, within which may be suspended worlds, floating continents, falling realms of windblown civilizations, intelligent balloons, twisting, ocean covered, continent-dotted ribbons of matter on a gargantuan scale, or hollow-enclosed universes that fold back upon themselves. I developed a notation system for defining the unique physics of each universe, which is listed in the catalog entry in red. The equation presented lists the details of the local physical laws: what gravity is like, or if some other force than gravity is present, the size and dimensional bounding of the cosmos, the rate of entropy, the flavor and type of entropy -or anentropy-, what replaces light and electrons, even the form that the local equivalent of 'atoms' takes in a given cosmos. This was important, in the games I ran, because different matter means different effects at all scales. For example, if a cosmos has 'atoms', (locally called 'Milyns' perhaps) that are not wavical shells of electrons like we have on earth, but are instead made of linked zones of repultractive energy connected by chromoergoic streamers, then falling off a cliff, say, is a completely different experience, with truly unusual results.

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