Background Of The History Behind Unicorn Jelly: Jennifer's Game World Books


A Peek Into The Universes Before Unicorn Jelly



I did not just deal witht the physical laws of my game universes, being a Creatrix means also assigning, employing, or constructing, gods, goddesses, spiritual parameters, and other such metaphysical material. Here, from Book Three, is a fold-out describing my first, detailed metaphysical construction effort, for my very first RPG universe, the one that started all of this, back in 1976 or so. This was the first time I enjoyed placing myself as connected to my creations in any fashion, a natural extension of the underlying principle of my entire game cosmology: that the will of individuals shapes and affects reality everywhere at the same time. In my game cosmology, every being has the potential to transcend godhood and become a Creator and Creatrix, if they really want to. Of course, the downside is that it can spoil playing the game, if one knows all the secrets....which is why so few seem to want to make universes for an existence....  

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