Creator name:  BastDawn

Sim Uni requires The Sims Unleashed
Just dump all the files into your Game Data/Skins folder.

I created Sim Uni as a gift for Jennifer Diane Reitz, the creator of Unicorn Jelly (, and it may not be distributed outside of by anyone other than her.

Known flaws: Sim Uni is actually a Sim dog with a little Uni head and a huge Uni outer shell that hides the dog body.  As a result, Sim Uni sometimes looks a little strange in the game.  The dog feet are sometimes visible, the body bleeds through the walls of the doghouses, and if Uni jumps on top of another Sim dog to play with it, the other dog is completely hidden by Uni's massive bulk.  In spite of all this, Uni still looks very cute in the game. 


Sim Uni, Larger Version_____________96.3 KB Download

Sim Uni, Smaller Version_____________36.0 KB Download


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