Multimaterial Anomalous Artifact Sculpture
By Jade Gordon

Jade Gordon, who draws Lean On Me, surprise me one day in my local mall with an early birthday present: the above amazing sculpture. An artifact from an Alternate Universe, it is a commercial toy package from a universe where Unicorn Jelly is apparently popular enough to be a major property, one that toy companies make toys of.

This present utterly amazed and astounded me. It is like holding an anomalous artifact from another cosmos, a gift from another dimension or cosmos. It is a brilliant work of art, which has the look and feel of a commercial, machine manufactured product, which is a very difficult thing to reproduce by hand. Jade is a very impressive artist.

Jade put a lot of effort into her she wrote to me:

I only bought an improved digital cam a few days ago, so these were taken with my webcam. Just pick your favorites! There's too many to post them all, and some were taken just for posterity *ahem*, and so I would have a record of what they looked like from various angles. If I ever figure out how to do clever things - like a moveable tail - I want to make Kaywai's bow pop in and out as you had illustrated. That, and If I ever find some way or working with resin, I have some ideas for making them look even more jelly-like. I've very new at the sculpting thing, and wasn't sure how to go about it. I was just sort of winging it ^.^*. If you desire to play with them, it's only the very iny bit of corners of the plastic that are glued on. They can be easily sliced with an exacto or somesuch, and re-glued. I kindasorta thought you might want to play with them, too. If you want to try the paint trick, I used "Liquitex"'s Concentrated Acrylic Artist Color, medium viscosity, in "Mettalic/Iridescent White." I rubbed it on Kaywai, but I litterally poured it over Uni to ensure a smoother coat. I put him on a stiff piece of scrap board, dumped a lot of the paint over him, and banged and shook the board with him on it till the paint smoothed and caoted him. Tricky stuff, but its all I could think of!

I find myself utterly transported by this marvelous sculpture. Currently, it hangs from a peg on my shelving, next to my monitor, just as though it were a toy on a rack in a store, completing the effect.

The little details of the piece, from the 'Choking Hazard' warnings to the bar code, only make the work more incredible. I am stunned at such a work. Thank you, thank you very much, good Jade.


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