Unicorn Jelly Fan Fiction Submitted: October, 2002 C.E.

Of Loyalty And Love

By Obaketenshi

Copyright © 2002 by Obaketenshi.

  Millian looked around his new house with an wistful air. He’d just put the last of his things away, and it looked as though he’d always lived there. It only looked that way, it didn’t feel like home. There was something subtlety missing from the house that he could not exactly pinpoint.

He glanced at the CV again, and wondered if he could immerse himself in its stories and shows long enough to forget. But he knew it was a temporary distraction, the CV couldn’t, for all its entertainment, fill the hole in his heart. Maybe if I had an animal to take care of it wouldn’t be so bad. Millian had been contemplating the possibility of getting a pet for some time now, and figured today was as good of time as any. He took one long look at the new house and set off in search of a pet shop.

What would the benefits of having a fox be? Millian thought as he wandered one of the small malls. They are companionable, what with all the domestication that the pet shops had put into them, not to mention years of genetic research to make them resilient. It wouldn’t get sick much, and they didn’t eat much either, as those things had been worked out of their genes long ago. However, there was the issue of cleaning up after it, being somewhat between a small dog and a cat. He didn’t know if he wanted to deal with getting up at 3 am to let the fox out.

Settling down on a bench in one of the parks he continued to think about it, and he was still undecided. Foxes were loyal, but they were mischievous, and got into places they did not belong very easily. Maybe it was a small compromise for companionship and the unconditional love he was beginning to wonder if only animals possessed.

Millian sighed and cradled his head in his hands. Love. It was the one thing that alluded him wherever he might look for it. He had friends, but it wasn’t the same thing, they had their own lives too. He couldn’t expect them to want him around at every moment. He’d always believed that maybe someday he’d find “the One” and that space would be filled at long last. Mil shook his head sadly. It’s not going to happen...I should stop dreaming.


Yasui waved to his coworkers at the Standing Tree Bookstore. “I’ll see you later! I might be back after lunch, I don’t know yet.” It was a nice day. It usually was, shatterel was like clockwork, and rain was rare, so there was no need to wonder what the weather would be. The next Shatterel was a few weeks away, and it hadn’t rained in a long time.

He decided he would go to the park today to eat lunch. Yasui hadn’t been there in a while, and it was relaxing to sit and be nearer to nature. The branches of the pines reached far into the sky, taller than many around the city because they were so well taken care of. Yasui liked the dandelions that spotted the freshly trimmed grass because no matter what, they always came back. Pretty and resilient. But they were not considered “weeds” here.

Yasui had heard stories from his mother of the First People, it was hard to believe that they had considered any living thing useless. It had been the jellies that had originally cultivated the flowers back in those days, because they were very pretty to them and had a lot of nutrients. Eventually, with the help of the jellies, most of the plants were saved.

He’d heard stories of alternate universes where the First People were foolish, and had waged war on the jellies, and had lost many things. There were whole books devoted to these universes, real or not. The theory was there, and there were few that did not believe in at least one other alternate universe. Yasui had seen specialists that could tell you about your alternate lives, and he had to admit, he was different there. Circumstances were different there, but he could only see as far as his life had progressed so far--it wasn’t a crystal ball. Though some things did not change admittedly.

Lost in his thoughts, Yasui sat on one of the benches. Millian started a bit when he appeared, as nobody ever sat beside him. Not anyone like this anyway. Yasui saw the slightest movement in the corner of his eye and his thoughts were stalled when he turned to look. Lunch forgotten, he stared at the man sitting beside him. Millian stared back, captivated. The moment of silence was brief, as they both broke the contact and grinned at each other.

Yasui was the first to speak. “What brings you out here during this time of day?” The park was, admittedly, absent of any soul besides themselves. It did not feel like chance that they had met this way.

Millian smiled a little and looked in the direction of the pet shop. “I was thinking of getting a pet. A fox maybe, I haven’t make up my mind about it. What about you?” He felt like reaching out to this blonde beauty, but he was afraid he might be talking to an illusion.

“I am on my lunch break. It’s really nice to come here sometimes, its peaceful.” Yasui extended a hand to him.

“I’m Yasui, who are you?” Millian clasped Yasui’s smaller hand in both of his and squeezed. 

“Millian.” He waited for Yasui to pull away, but he didn’t, instead he smiled and let Millian keep his hand. They caught each other’s eyes again and they could not hide their grins. Neither wanted the other to let go, but soon Yasui pulled his hand slowly. Millian sighed deeply, he couldn’t exactly pinpoint what he was feeling, was it disappointment?

But Yasui had already caught it, he was pretty attuned to the feelings of those around him, but even without it he could have felt Millian’s distress. He scooted closer to Millian till their shoulders touched, somehow, he cared a little more about this near stranger. He didn’t want Millian to be sad. Yasui shook his head slowly and looked at Millian, so close now that their noses almost touched. Why the hell do I care about this man? It isn’t like me to just care about random strangers. Why Millian?

He’s so close! Millian thoughts buzzed in his head and muddled his judgment just a bit. If he had been thinking about it, he would have never did what he was about to do. Reaching up, he brushed a strand of hair out of Yasui’s face.

Yasui inhaled sharply and held his breath unconsciously. Oh goddess. That... He felt his body react slightly to Millian’s attentions. What is happening to me?

Millian grinned at Yasui, who’s fine lashes fluttered against his cheeks. “Yasui?” His eyes opened and tried to focus on Millian with little success.

Yasui scooted back a bit to focus. This was certainly turning out to be interesting. He leaned back and stretched. “What kind of pet did you say you wanted again?”

“A fox.” 

“Concerned with the amount of work that is involved? They’re pretty clean, and they have bred a new type that is more like a cat, and goes inside. It’d save you the trouble of getting up to take it out if the fox used a sandbox.” Yasui opened the box of sashimi that he’d bought on his way to the park. “Want some?”

Millian shook his head. “No. I’ve already eaten.” He leaned back, for once content to just sit and wait. “Have you ever had a fox?”

Yasui picked up a piece of pickled ginger carefully and looked sidelong at him. “No...but I have a cat, and I hear foxes are closer nowadays to cats than dogs. Why did you say you wanted one?”

“Companionship I guess. I get lonely sometimes.” Millian looked at his hands for a while. “My friends can’t be there all the time.” Maybe I won’t need a pet... When he looked up again Yasui was smiling at him and he couldn’t resist smiling back.

“No I guess not. But...you could make new friends.” Yasui absentmindedly held up a prawn and looked at it. Why do I feel so shy? Why do I feel like my heart is going to burst from my chest?

“I guess so. But people don’t seem to like me much. I dunno why.” 

“I like you” Yasui put the empty tray aside. 

“Really?” Millian turned towards him and looked straight into his eyes. “You’re not kidding with me?” 

Yasui blinked. I don’t understand...you are so nice, why wouldn’t someone like you? “No kidding. Honest.”

He looked at the empty tray on the deep red stained bench guiltily. I should be getting back...but...but what? He’s a stranger, why should I stay?

Yasui shook his head and gathered the tray as he stood. “I...should be going..” he struggled to swallow, feeling overcome by what he was feeling, another shake of his yellow hair, and he managed to banish it enough to step away.

Millian looked up at him. Guess it was too good to be true... He sighed and rested his head in his palms, wondering why he had the sudden urge to burst into tears. “Bye then...” he barely could keep his voice steady.

Yasui looked back from where he stood, a few paces away. “Bye....” He paused to listen, was that a sob? Tears pricked his own eyes and he blinked fiercely. No, its nothing, I can just keep walking...and... A soft whimper touched his ears, it wasn’t his imagination. Yasui turned around.

Millian was hunched up and his hands covered his face. His shoulders twitched slightly and he drew in a ragged breath, and removed his hands from his eyes to wipe away the tears, sure that he was alone. He flinched a little, surprised to find someone brush a tear from his cheek. Millian looked up and saw Yasui kneeling in the grass in front of him, his eyes shining.

“Don’t cry...” Yasui reached up again to brush a damp strand of hair out of Millian’s eyes. What is wrong with me...I...

Yasui let out a long breath, and realized he’d been holding it. Millian smiled down at him and returned the caress, pausing at Yasui’s ears and brushing them lightly, causing Yasui to blush.

“I guess I’m staying...” Yasui said, sitting close to Millian to lean his head against the deep red fabric of his tunic. I love you don’t I? You make me want to stay...

For a while, all Millian could do was sit there and grin. This was totally unexpected! It was very comforting to have someone touching him and he felt he could get used to the feeling. “I thought you were going to go?” he said as he turned to smile at Yasui.

Yasui blushed. “I uh....was going to go...but, um...” I can’t speak...I feel shy again...He makes me feel, alive? Happy? Yasui looked sidelong at Millian, admiring his shiny, dark hair. When was the last time I felt anything like this? When was the last time I really felt...content? Yasui scooted closer. “I couldn’t go...”

Millian didn’t push the issue. He was content in the knowledge that Yasui wasn’t staying out of pity for him. He just seemed content to just sit at Millian’s side. They sat there for a long time in companionable silence.

Soon they found themselves speaking again. They found themselves discussing many things, but their futures and dreams dominated the convorsation. Slowly it started to get dark, and the sound of the crickets was the only sound outside their voices.

Yasui stretched out like a cat, straining to reach the sky. “Mrrr...its dark.” 

“Yah...” This decides everything doesn’t it? For the first time in hours, Millian was suddenly very nervous. He didn’t want to mess this up.

“Shouldn’t we start home?” Yasui turned to him with a smile. Tentatively, he put an arm around Millian. I hope I don’t mess this up... “Your place or mine?”

Millian leaned into Yasui’s arms. “Mine...I don’t live far from here...” Please oh please let that be the right thing to say!

“Okay!” Yasui withdrew from him and offered a hand up. They stood there for a moment that drew itself out until their lips touched lightly. Both of them gasped at the spark that coursed though them when they leaned forward into the kiss. Yasui was the first to draw away, feeling dizzy and overwhelmed. Wow... he smiled at Millian who just stood there dazed and took his hand. “Come on! Show me the way home.”

As they walked, Yasui suddenly thought of the fox and smiled. “What about the fox?” he asked, leaning against Millian as they walked.

“Mmm...I don’t need a fox anymore.” Millian smiled at him. 

Yasui just looked surprised. Wasn’t that the...oh.... He couldn’t stop smiling.


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