A wretched wandering Slime, Uni has no understanding or memory of its origin or parents. Because Slimes reproduce by spores, it is doubtful that Uni ever knew its parents. One day, an event transpired that forever altered the destiny of a nameless Slime, and that event created Uni as it exists now. The belief was that Uni had been created by the random urination of a godlike Holy Unicorn (essentially a god or demigod Unicorn), but it is equally possible that Uni was created by a complex and impossible to duplicate chance combination of chemistry that resulted in both a new form, and visions of a deific entity. What really happened may never be known, except to the gods and goddesses themselves.


Uni is gradually evolving both an intelligence and a personality over time, as a side effect ot the Unicorn Jelly transformation. Uni is not as intelligent as a human, but is capable of understanding language and definitely of understanding intent and emotion. Uni is very naive and innocent, and has great compassion for others. Uni likes to snuggle and enjoys being hugged and held. Although still very simple of mind, Uni has an inner compulsion to develop and grow, most especially in any way that would bring it closer to its ideal of becoming a Real Unicorn. Uni is by nature non-violent, but will act fiercely and with deadly force to protect the helpless and innocent, and is driven to challenge evil if given no alternative. Uni has a strong sense of justice, but that sense of justice is not necessarily a human one. Uni is steadfast and utterly loyal.

Uni's best friend is easily Lupiko Kazemahou, whom Uni sees as a savior and mother figure. Uni likes Chou Yaru but is confused by Chou's lack of emotion or need for physical contact. Uni enjoys meeting other beings, but can sometimes act distant because of a simple lack of interpersonal skills, and also because it possesses the aloof nature of the Unicorn.

Uni's favorite foods include Green Tea, Genmai Tea, and Jasmine Tea, Pureed Bread pudding, various tree bark soups, pureed and liquified dandelion and especially Plum Juice (which can sometimes turn Uni faintly purple for a while!), and Mineral Waters (which Uni can sense qualities in that are beyond human comprehension) Uni's very favorite treat is Elusarian Green Tea made with the mineral-heavy water specifically from the well outside of Gelston Tor.

Favorite things include Uni's special blanket (the first thing that Lupiko ever gave the little creature), a soft ball that Uni often loves to play with, being read to from simple books with lots of colorful pictures; especially Elven books, because the pigments in the colors also reflect light in the ultraviolet range, which Uni can see, and hearing Lupiko play her Pixie Harp.

Uni's goal in life is to become a True Unicorn, and have the Holy Unicorn return to give Uni Her Holy Blessing. Deep down, Uni believes and knows in its very soul that the Holy Unicorn was absolutely, without any question, real.  



Sex: Not Applicable
Gender: Unknown
Age: Unkown (most likely 3)
Occupation: UNICORN
Alignment: Lawful Good

Height 1' 3", Diameter 2' 1" (variable). Weight 24 lbs. Black optic strips. Slightly translucent pearly white in color. Soft, dry, and warm to touch. Tail, with round ball structure on tip. Ultra-sharp slightly phase-shifted horn ( 1' 7" long at maximum extension )

STR STRENGTH          11      (-0)
DEX DEXTERITY         18      (+4)
CON CONSTITUTION   18      (+4)
INT INTELLIGENCE      8        (-1)
WIS WISDOM           6        (-2)
CHA CHARISMA          18      (+4)

FORTITUDE         4
REFLEX                 5
WILL                     18 (Holy)

AC  12
SPEED 30' (160) (Annihilation Charge Speed: 800 (160) ) also Supernal Speed (rare -can be used only once per month, acts as effective timestop permitting 12 regular actions in the space of one round)

KINSEY           Not Applicable
RELIGION        Idealizes the 'Holy Unicorn', strives to become a Unicorn.


Charm 2
Radiate Holiness
Empathy 4


Horn Balance 4 (juggling-like skill)
Detect Evil (natural ability)
Detect Magic (natural ability)
Purify (all poisons and toxins on contact with horn)
Heal Massive Wounds (via excretion of potion-like chemistry)
Detect Alignment (natural ability, and Absolute, works even against deity level beings.)
Darkvision 90'


Talcryl (Uni can understand most simple words, but cannot speak)


None. It is unknown if Unicorn Jellies are capable of casting spells.


Unicorn Horn Atk +4 melee 1D8 damage per level of Unicorn Jelly, phase/puncture/purity damage with a + 4 additional if Uni is defending others. The horn can cut any material or etherial thing.

Special Attack: Annihilation Charge 1D20 per level of Unicorn Jelly. A successful attack that does more than 18 points damage will generate a purity shockwave that can shatter glass, stone or other similar material (1D8 per level) or disrupt undead or evil (1D12 per level) for a radius of 1/2 mile around the target. Annihilation Charge can only be used once per month, and only when the life of the Unicorn Jelly, or the life of a loved one is clearly in mortal danger. After any successful use of the Annihilation Charge a roll must be made to save versus instant death for the Unicorn Jelly, DC 8. A failure to make this Difficulty Class roll results in the total dispersion of the Jelly.


None. Unlike Normal Slimes and Jellies, Unicorn Jellies lack the amorphous ability to extend pseudopods and to create inclusion spaces inside their bodies. Because of this, Uni cannot easily suspend abjects inside its body mass. Lacking pseudopods, manipulation of objects is by juggling them with the tip of the horn (or by using the tail), so Uni does not commonly carry objects.




Uni has an Alternate Universe self that differs from the Prime Universe Uni.


This is my HyperDice. ( 1DAleph0 )



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