Alternate Universe for: January 1st 2003 C.E.


Background notes:

This birthday was on December 30th of 2002, my 43 year of life. The Taasen board (See It Here) was a gift from my beloved Eldenath DeVilya, who had been working for months to make this extrodinary gift a reality. To achieve her goal, she enlisted the help of my beloved Stephen's father, Martin Lepisto, and Stephen's Brother, Andrew, to help. Martin is a magnificent artist of many talents, one of them woodworking (another is theatre) and his finished Taasen board is a marvel of construction and fine craftsmanship. The pieces were crafted by another brilliant artist of many talents in Andrew, who is not only superb with painting and sculpting, but is a magnificent musician as well (he did the fantastic music for our one published game, Boppin').

This Alternate Universe episode exists to thank them for such wonderful work.

Cultural notes:

Taasen is, of course, a common game from Gryrnese culture.

The Yellow Kid was the first true modern comic strip. Created by Richard Felton Outcault in 1895, the comic chronicled the adventures of a short, bald Irish immigrant child, and his friends. The Yellow Kid himself, dressed in a very long night dress of the period, which was supposed to be yellow in color. This night dress afforded an unusual way to represent speech and thought bubbles in that the words of the Kid were printed upon his nightshirt.

The Yellow Kid Award is the highest award possible for a cartoonist, the equivalent of an Oscar, or an Emmy...or a Hugo. It is given at the International Comics Congress in Lucca, Italy.


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