MangaStrip Archive 2001
EPISODES 266-334

266 October 2nd 2001 Clearing The Air
ALTERNATE UNIVERSE: "The Piggie Remembers"

267 October 3rd 2001 Plum Awful
ALTERNATE UNIVERSE: "The Old Research Mill"

268 October 4th 2001 A Catered Event

269 October 5th 2001 The Shadow Knows...

270 October 8th 2001 She's Always There

271 October 9th 2001 Soup Of The Evening

272 October 10th 2001 Pope Leo's Fable

273 October 11th 2001 Just Dessert

274 October 12th 2001 A Very Tender Subject
ALTERNATE UNIVERSE: "Little KayWai In Slumberland"

275 October 15th 2001 The Above Black Indigo Majik Majestic Twelve Plumcake

276 October 16th 2001 Watch The Dishes, Somebody Dropped A Plate !
ALTERNATE UNIVERSE: "Multiversal Catalog Entry For Tryslmaistan"

277 October 17th 2001 But I Didn't Have The Salmon Mousse

278 October 18th 2001 Divina Particula Aurae

279 October 19th 2001 As Always Is Was

280 October 22nd 2001 Back To Basics

281 October 23rd 2001 Liquid Wonder

282 October 24th 2001 The Center Of The Universe

283 October 25th 2001 The Plumcake Was To Die For

284 October 26th 2001 Out Of The Closet At Last

285 October 29th 2001 The Big Duh

286 October 30th 2001 Burning Down The House

287 October 31st 2001 My Hero
ALTERNATE UNIVERSE: "Where's Millian?"

288 November 1st 2001 I Have A Unicorn, And I'm Not Afraid To Use It!!!

289 November 2nd 2001 Whoa.

290 November 5th 2001 I Can't Believe My Eyes

291 November 6th 2001 The Pressure Of Blood

292 November 7th 2001 The Most Important Casket In The World

293 November 8th 2001 Waiting For The Night

294 November 9th 2001 Ironying The Fabric Of The Universe

295 November 12th 2001 Looking For Trouble
ALTERNATE UNIVERSE: "Tryslmaistan Astronomy"
SPECIAL EVENT: Unicorn Jelly at Ultimate Skill Level: Lupiko

296 November 13th 2001 The Waterfall Of Clouds
Full COLOR VERSION: "The Waterfall Of Clouds"

297 November 14th 2001 Finally, Everything Will Be Explained
SPECIAL EVENT: Unicorn Jelly at Ultimate Skill Level: Yasui and Millian

298 November 15th 2001 Time, To Begin...

299 November 16th 2001 Wall Of Destruction

300 November 19th 2001 Doom, Doom, Doom, And Bad Stuff Too.
ALTERNATE UNIVERSE Animation Event: "The Last Film Ever Made On Myrmil"

301 November 20th 2001 And Over And Over And Over...

302 November 21st 2001 Whatever Happened To Lili's Daddy?
KNOWLEDGE ADVENTURE: How The Myrmil Storm 'Wraps Around The Universe'

303 November 22nd 2001 The Secret Of Survival

304 November 23rd 2001 The Union Is Mother, The Union Is Father

305 November 26th 2001 The New Number Two

306 November 27th 2001 The Day The Pieces Fit

307 November 28th 2001 The Tryslmaistan Blanket Sow

308 November 29th 2001 Oh Restless Night
Full COLOR VERSION: "Oh Restless Night"

309 November 30th 2001 Liquide Somnio E Omnia Tempora Memoria Est
See the ShudderEffect Version of the November 30th strip

310 December 3rd 2001 Fourty-Two Minutes Before Midnight

311 December 4th 2001 The Grammar Of The Future-Past-Present-Tense

312 December 5th 2001 Dancing With Myself

313 December 6th 2001 This Haint Happening!

314 December 7th 2001 Special Event Miniseries No. 1 The Absence Of Charlotte

315 December 10th 2001 Special Event Miniseries No. 2 All Summer In A Day

316 December 11th 2001 Special Event Miniseries No. 3 Testing The Water

317 December 12th 2001 Special Event Miniseries No. 4 Whistling Into The Wind

318 December 13th 2001 The Secret In The Stone

319 December 14th 2001 Rubrica Clupeidae ?

320 December 17th 2001 No Word For Wind

321 December 18th 2001 A Shadow On The Sky

322 December 19th 2001 Angry Lymphocyte, Officious Neutrophil

323 December 20th 2001 Evil Wind

324 December 21st 2001 One Thousand Moves Deep

325 December 24th 2001 Blowin' In The Wind

326 December 25th 2001 Opporknockity

327 December 26th 2001 Iron Rain
SPECIAL EVENT: Dr. Alchemist's FOCUS ON PHYSICS WEEK!!! Episode Three

328 December 27th 2001 A Few Tiny Flecks
SPECIAL EVENT: Dr. Alchemist's FOCUS ON PHYSICS WEEK!!! Episode Four

329 December 28th 2001 When It Fell
SPECIAL EVENT: Dr. Alchemist's FOCUS ON PHYSICS WEEK!!! Episode Five

330 December 31st 2001 Row, Row, Row Your Boat

331 January 1st 2002 Jung At Heart

332 January 2nd 2002 The Crowded Carriage

333 January 3rd 2002 Quiet Before The Storm

334 January 4th 2002 Surfeit Of Saviors



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