Alternate Universe Cartoon for: September 28th 2001 C.E.

The Jellies of Tryslmaistan had their own language and culture before being nearly exterminated, and finally conquered by the Humans. Talcryl was influenced by the written form of the Jelly language. Humans cannot make the sounds of sounds like blowing on glass bottles mixed with the tones of electronic music. Sort of. It's actually rather musical, in an odd way.

The Jellies believe that the sand, being made of crystal, is alive and filled with spirits. They believe that the souls of the dead live forever in the memory of the sand, and that whenever they crawl or walk or dance on the sand, they are honoring their ancestors and the Sand Spirits too.

Humans on Gyrnu compost their dead for the precious and vital organic matter...they never bury their dead. The Jellies do bury their dead, to mix them with the sand. The humans find this a terrible and sacrilegious waste.


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