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The Original Crew Plan For The 'C' Arkship

This was the original plan for the crew of the Chad, or 'C' Arkship, as it was decided upon by the Council. Each Arkship has these eleven positions filled, as laid out in the secret Migration Documents of the Pact Of Myrmil. A minimum of ten adults were allowed, with a maximum of 13 being the limit...eleven was the suggested, approved number of crew.

As we have seen, this document is no longer entirely accurate...Zuzux Uzbochs, the Chief Alchemical Engineer is gone, killed by Yasui Fodderman, and Wai-Wai Ngo has abdicated his position to Thilia Lilinffylst, having taken to hiding and skulking somewhere belowdecks.

We also have additional crew, of sorts, unofficial crew, in Chou Kazemahou, who has proven to be a more than ample replacement for Zuzux despite her tender age. Chou's mother, Lupiko Kazemahou has been employed successfully as another Support Facilitator...possibly the worst job on the ship, focused entirely on feeding and taking care of the 102 specially selected, choice Human children assigned to each ark. Kay-Wai is also being utilized in this position, and is doing a supremely effective job. Although no Jelly was ever supposed to ride in an Arkship, indeed they are forbidden by the Pact, Thilia must be seriously questioning this rule by now. Kay-Wai has been, behind the scenes, the best Support Facilitator imaginable, and the children are coming to love the little mutant. seen as a plaything, and manages to entertain the children, not necessarily voluntarily. It remains to be seen what part Millian will play, if any.

The children that are chosen for Arkship transport are selected carefully, and part of the plan included the social prohibitions against Alchemists and Wiccans marrying. By forcing an artificial separation of breeding access, the Pact Of Myrmil manages to further divide genetic lines so that when the cream of the last 1300 odd years is brought together on an Ark, genetic diversity is at the maximum possible. Linages are traced to weed out various genetic problems and cautions, and once the destination is reached, additional careful eugenics are applied to assure that the human species regains a strong genetic foothold once again. For several generations, no person is allowed to breed freely. Everything is carefully controlled.

The C Ark currently holds only 96 children (because of the actions of Yasui) not counting Chou, who is both a mutant, and constitutionally unable to breed. The remaining 'Beth' or 'B' Arkship captained by Commander Pho has a full compliment of 102 breeding stock children.

The Aleph, or 'A' Arkship was lost, along with its captain and Council Head Rei Naxela, Council head Waen Pahworzu, and all crew, livestock, plants and children.


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