Alternate Universe Cartoon for: April 30th 2002 C.E.


The tratons that make up the 1636 primal Elements of the Tryslmaistan Triotic Table are represented here only in part...the full table takes up an entire book, arranged not unlike a map book, with coordinates for various regions and subsections of the full layout. Unlike the atoms that make up matter in our Mundis universe, tratons are polyhedral arrangements of charge planes, and come in three Flavors: Dorside, Ventride, and Capsulated. Capsulated tratons are distinguished by having a nested structure, with interior structures surrounded by tratonic shells. Tranium and Norogen, shown above, are prime examples of Capsulated elements. A Capsulated element is almost always Ventride....2/3rds of all Capsulated tratonic elements are Ventride, and only 1/3rd are Dorside.

Dorside elements have an affinity for storing electanic Charge, whereas Ventride elements lose electanic Charge very rapidly. The degree of electanic capacitation is inversely proportional to the Triance value of the tratonic planes and further is affected by Vertex invergence. Myrmillian Alchemists believed that the Triance value was a byproduct of invergence itself, but this was never actually proven, despite many attempts to test the theory.

Electan transfer rate differences between tratons occurs due to quantum granulation of the Charge Differential Coefficient, or CDC which can be calculated from either the invergence and the Triance, or from the Triance and the Acute Planar combined.

It is to be noted that since Tryslmaistan is a Steady-State universe, devoid of temporal origin, there is no implied evolutionary process for the production of elements from other elements, as is true in the Mundis universe. The Triotic Table is a full and complete chart, invariant thoughout all time periods.


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