Born In Port Semeuki as the eldest of six siblings, Millian Ulu Alberganst was only too eager to leave his crowded and abusive home and to seek his fortune. Gifted with great strength and the ability to endure hardship, Millian went from an early, unsuccessful career as a young boxer to the better paying position of Merchant Marine Guard. Protecting ocean crossing cargo vessels from attacks by pirates, various oceanic monstrosities, and the odd aerial raider, made a strong fighter and worthy seaman of the lad.

Noted for heroism by the Marine Authority of Port Kasru for his loyal, and near-fatal defence of Several Important Officials Of State Travelling Incognito (in which Millian lost his right eye), the tough fighting sailor was retired for Political Reasons. On the positive side, Millian was also granted a rather large severance fortune, also to serve Political Reasons. Now reasonably well off, the fairly perplexed Millian settled down in the small village of Ponsbury-On-The-Mere, and tried to figure out what to do with his life.

While sitting in Ponsbury's only decent alehouse, the "Fetid Marshwallow", he intervened in an act of violence against a customer. Attacked by drunken bigots, the half-Elven Yasui Fodderman was an able, if outnumbered swordsman and mage. In saving the young Yasui, Millian also found the love of his life. Six months later, Millian and Yasui were married at the Sea Temple in Port Kasru, the location chosen at the insistence of Fodderman's mother.

Following the Gryrnu Elven marriage custom of putting the family name first, and the personal name second, Yasui Fodderman became 'Fodderman Yasui'. However, Millian despised his own family name, and his origins, and so took the name 'Redcloak', becoming 'Redcloak Millian',after his habit of hiding his scarred face under a hooded cloak.

Together, Redcloak and Fodderman constructed an elaborate mansion using their combined assets, and set up shop as professional guards for hire. Normally commanding high fees for the protection of important caravans, ships, and travelling personages, they also enjoy doing low-rate sliding scale guard work for causes and people they favor. One such individual has been the very young, and very earnest, Only Witch Of Ponsbury-On-The-Mere, Lupiko Kazemahou.


Redcloak Millian is a tough, strong, crafty and serious man. Adept at several sword styles, as well as boxing, Arulan Kickboxing, and Sai-Aulsti Hand, Redcloak takes a very practical view of combat. Practicing every day in their private training grounds, Millian is a diligent student of martial arts.

However, work is not all there is to Redcloak. Able with several musical instruments, Millian enjoys composing music, and sometimes plays for packed crowds at the now much more peaceful "Fetid Marshwallow". Indeed, Ponsbury-On-The-Mere has become a much safer place to live in overall, now that Redcloak and Fodderman have made it their combined base of operations. In effect, they act as unofficial but very real peacekeepers for the village.

Millian is also capable at leatherwork and carving, and creates most of the couple's armor...and toys. Millian also has a fondness for animals, which is curious since he also loves hunting, and clearly enjoys battling monsters. A complex and stoic man, Redcloak is also the first of the two to take in strays, or to insist on humanitarian acts. Many believe that Millian is the most compassionate part of Redcloak and Fodderman.

Millian's favorite food is stew. He likes simple, healthy fare. He does not like sweets, but does favor the occasional ale. He is never drunken, and does everything in moderation. The single thing he cares about more than anything in the world is his husband Yasui, who has been the only bright and true thing he has ever known.   


Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Occupation: Professional Guard For Hire
Alignment: Lawful Good

Height 6' 2", Weight 298 lbs. Grey eyes, Black, curly and perpetually unkempt hair, ruddy, tan skin. Left ear slightly mashed. Missing right eye. Human ancestry.

STR STRENGTH          18     (+4)
DEX DEXTERITY         14     (+2)
CON CONSTITUTION   16     (+3)
INT INTELLIGENCE      11     (+0)
WIS WISDOM           10     (+0)
CHA CHARISMA          12     (+1)

FORTITUDE         4
REFLEX                 4
WILL                     2

AC  17
SPEED 25' (5)

KINSEY         5.6 (exclusively homosexual)
RELIGION      Agnostic


Blind Fight
Armor Proficiency
Combat Reflexes
Great Fortitude
Great Cleave


Arulan Kickboxing     2
Sai-Aulsti Hand       3
Boxing                  4
Wilderness Lore       3
Swim                   2
Spot                   2
Tumble                 2
Ride                    1
Perform                3
Handle Animal          3
Bluff                    2


None. Yasui keeps trying to teach him, but it just is not taking.


Two-Handed Mycrylate Jewelled Greatsword (1D8/1D8+4 Crit X3)
Wedding gift from Yasui's Elven mother Yiriel. Redcloak has never given it a name "it's a sword, damnit, not a person!". Still, it is his favorite weapon, and probably his favorite material possession in the world.
Value 130,200 Til.

Additionally, Redcloak and Fodderman have an enormous collection of arms and armor in their mansion, including quite a few exotic and rare items.


Custom Nakroi Armor Harness
Custom Nakroi Hip Boots
Rylam Fiber Cloak (red, of course!)


No Man Can Say. And live, anyway. Let's just leave it at the fact that they are not hurting any. They do not need to be Professional Guards For Hire, they just do it because it's fun, they like being involved, and it's something they can enjoy together.



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