Lupiko Kazemahou is a 17 year old professional Witch who lives in the village of Ponsbury-On-The-Mere. Lupiko grew up the only child of her single mother, Faelini Kazemahou, who was the highest ranked independent Witch in the trade city of Gyranfryll Wabe. Sadly, when Lupiko was only 13, her mother suddenly died of a cerebral hemmorage. Left in the care of her abusive aunt Muri Kazemahou,the resourceful Lupiko convinced her mother's estate adminstrator (via a clause in the Arcane Witch Traditional Principles Act) to allow her to attempt to live on her own, despite her young age, to begin a career as a Witch in a small village, with part of her inheritance.

Founding 'Atelier Lupiko' at the age of 15, She is now the sole Witch of Ponsbury-On-The-Mere. Unfortunately, Lupiko is still terribly depressed about the death of her mother, and though she seldom shows this fact openly,it has interfered with her studies. Lupiko is very weak in spellcasting and general magick, and has very limited skills in her profession. Although capable of clumsy and limited levitation, she is phobic about heights, and therefore cannot fly her mother's broom at all. She knows only four spells, one for low level healing, Detect Magic, one for charming small animals, and one for divining a limited history of an object or place (psychometry). Her knowlege of herbs and plants is equally limited, making her a fairly unsuccessful professional Witch. However, Lupiko is masterfully educated in arcane lore and magical trivia, as she is fascinated by such matters. With regard to the Holy Unicorn that matters so much to her beloved friend Uni, Lupiko is unsure what to believe. She wants the Holy Unicorn to be real, but the evidence seems ironclad that it was not. Lupiko is deeply bothered by this contradiction, and sees no resolution in sight.


Lupiko is a bright, obssessive, highly creative individual. Although she falls into depressions easily, she is very bouncy when happy. She has a very broad and strong sense of humor, and delights in jokes and witty discussions. Lupiko tries very hard to hide her sadness over the events of her life, and faces the world with an intrepid, 'never give up' attitude. She tends to be shy, but makes friends easily. She is very inventive, and can find a way around most problems. Though a poor student in general, if obssessed by a problem, she can root out the most obscure details (such as the all-but-forgotten Child Independence Clause in the Arcane Witch Traditional Principles Act of Femtas, Era 3, During The Reign of Callentan The Frigid.)

Lupiko has a deep need for family, and tries very hard to be nurturing to those around her. Her best friend is undoubtedly Uni-chan, and the bond between them is quite curious. Her second best friend is Chou, whose unusual abilities have definitely helped the profitablity of 'Atelier Lupiko'. Lupiko has a slight crush on both Redcloak Millian and Fodderman Yasui, the daring professional bodyguards she sometimes employs.

Lupiko's favorite foods are 'Ranflesmeknurian Klefesters in Poultrayne Sauce' and anything made with plums. She also favors sweet anagroat desserts. Her favorite things include her mother's broom, her copy of the "Golden Huge Book Of The Adventures Of The Wolvish Witch Arroo", and her one magic artifact, an Elven silver ring that supposedly can call true love. Lupiko loves games and toys, and her greatest dream in life is to have a loving and enduring family life.



Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Occupation: Witch
Alignment: Neutral Good
LEVEL: 4 (note: she has been limited by grief, and so lacks skill despite her level)

Height 5' 2", Weight 126 lbs. Golden-green eyes, Red-Blond hair, Pale skin. Possibly some Faery ancestry, but it is Not Spoken Of.

STR STRENGTH          8      (-1)
DEX DEXTERITY         16    (+3)
INT INTELLIGENCE      14    (+2)
WIS WISDOM           16    (+3)
CHA CHARISMA          16    (+3)

FORTITUDE         5
REFLEX                 4
WILL                     12

AC  13
SPEED 30' (6)

KINSEY           3.5  (Bisexual, mostly)
RELIGION        Wiccan (Solitary Dianic / Agnostic )

Quick Adaptation To The Unusual
Basic Broom Aviation


Animal Empathy 3
Concentration 1
Knowledge, Arcana 3
Sense Motive 4
Basic Telepathy 1/2 (Lupiko is not skilled, but it serves to understand Uni)
Pixie Harp 1 (Lupiko is not very good, but Uni likes it)


Talcryl and Talcrylic Script
Alpabe Runes

Magickal Abilities:

Detect Magic
Heal Minor Wounds
Charm Small Animal


None. Lupiko does not like fighting. She will do what is necessary to protect herself and others, but does not like to carry weapons.


Holy Symbol, Silver Pentacle
Witches Dress
Witches Hat
Golden Huge Book Of The Adventures Of The Wolvish Witch Arroo
Elven Silver Ring 'Kelebthalion Melfaroth'
Leather Boots
Pixie Harp
Faelini's (her mother) hand-crafted Aerial Broom


122 Til (hidden away)



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