Amalthea Pran Yaru was the only daughter of Pembletown weapon and armor merchant Karal Harn Yaru. Karal Yaru, 1/16th Ogre on his mother's side, married half-elven Lylilia Silvarnis, and decided to begin a family. Amalthea's mother, now Lylilia Mesu Yaru, died in childbirth because of the lack of a Witch-Midwife in Pembletown. Amalthia grew up a happy, if overprotected child with her doting father. It was perhaps this very overprotectiveness, combined with the constant stream of thrilling tales of adventure and daring from her father's customers, that led to the girl becoming facinated with the life cycles of monsters and unusual creatures. Collecting books on such creatures became an obsession for the young girl, and this need for information led to a rebellious desire to discover new wildlife secrets of her own. Fueled by the ambition to write the first book about the life of the rare and mysterious Crystal Basilisk, Amalthea ran away from home one day to see for herself one such monster. This encounter was a fateful one, because Amalthea became infected with the Crystal Basilisk's reproductive essence, which began to inexorably devour her young body, transforming it into a young, new Crystal Basilisk.

The girl was saved from certain death by the actions of both Lupiko and Uni, but especially by Uni, who impaled the child with its horn, and injected what Uni believed was the very substance it had gained from the Holy Unicorn. This noble and total self sacrifice saved the girl's life, more or less, but left Uni to revert to being a wretched Slime once more.

While the crystal infection was stopped, it was not eliminated, and so the result became a symbiotic cooperation between the crystal embryo and the young Amalthea. A new creature was -in a sense- born, a fusion of Humanoid and Crystaloid. This new child, deemed a monster and a horror by her father, was forced under threat of death to flee her home, and now lives as the companion and helpmate of Lupiko Kazemahou. Because the crystal embryo had grown throughout the girl's body and brain, she no longer could remember her own name, and so Lupiko gave her the new name 'Chou', or 'Butterfly'.


Chou Yaru is incredibly intelligent. Although the Crystal Basilisk has no intelligence whatsoever, the capacity of the pseudo-neuron like crystalline shard fibers found unique function when forced to become symbiotic with the brain of a humanoid. The result is that Chou's normal intellect has been magnified in both speed and processing power to several times that of all humans, and even elves. Though very young at age 10, Chou remembers everything she sees or hears or reads perfectly, and has become a walking encyclopedia in less than eight months of occasionally scanning the odd book now and then. Chou is ruthlessly logical, and has very little imagination, and cannot easily understand the use of fantasy, dreams, or humor. Chou has no belief or faith in anything, and knows for a fact that there was no Holy Unicorn to have visited Uni-chan. Chou interprets the world in strictly realistic terms, and could someday become very possibly the finest detective or scientist her world will ever see.

Overall, Chou is fairly blank and devoid of most motivations. She does not seem to need physical or emotional comfort, though she does not avoid it either. Despite being mothered by Lupiko, Chou simply seems not to care for the most part, one way or another. There are perhaps only two things that seem to touch some remnant of human emotion in Chou: one is an intense dedication to repay a percieved debt to both Lupiko and Uni. The other thing which seems to affect Chou deeply is to hear a bedtime story. Lupiko, attempting to awaken some part of the child inside Chou, began reading silly children's stories to the delicate girl-creature. At first, Chou had difficulty with these stories, but over time it became apparent that something not entirely unlike disappointment would set in should 'story time' not happen. This has convinced Lupiko that there is some hope that Chou may still possess human emotion in some capacity, deep inside her.

Chou seems to those that meet her both disturbingly superior and somehow fragile, even broken. She does not actively seek friendships, but Lupiko, at least, is convinced that she needs them. Her relationship with everyone is distant, though Lupiko tries to act as her mother, and elicit closeness.

Only Chou truly knows what, if anything, Chou feels.    



Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Age: 10
Occupation: Witches Assistant
Alignment: Neutral Good (Chou logically determined that this was the most survival enhancing alignment to follow)
LEVEL: 1 (Chou is effectively a new entity, despite her abilites.)

Height 4' 9", Weight 97 lbs. Black eyes, Raven-Black hair, Light Brown skin. Slightly elven ears. Crystalline growths crown her skull. Faint tracers of shining crytal fibers can be seen under her flesh, especially in certain lighting situations. Very complicated ancestry including Human, Elvish, Ogre. She is mostly human, now permanently combined with Crystal Basilisk.

STR STRENGTH          6      (-2)
DEX DEXTERITY         12     (+1)
CON CONSTITUTION   7      (-2)
INT INTELLIGENCE      34    (+12)
WIS WISDOM           25     (+8)
CHA CHARISMA          15     (+3)

FORTITUDE         2
REFLEX                 3
WILL                     22

AC  9
SPEED 25' (5)

KINSEY         1 (Straight. However, Chou must not ever dare to reproduce, because of the risk of unbalancing her hybrid biology)
RELIGION      Atheist

Perfect Memory
Information Processing


Mathematics 5
Physics 2
Knowledge of Creatures and Biology 3
Knowledge of Chemistry 3
Knowledge of Archaeology 1
Knowledge of Cosmology and Science 2
Monster Lore 3
Animal Lore 2
Plant Lore 4
Anthropology 3
Accounting 2

Magickal Abilities:

None. Chou seems curiously unable to peform any magic whatsoever.


-Apparently- none. Chou follows Lupiko in overt behavior. However, what Lupiko does not know is that Chou secretly keeps a weapon in the logical possibility of danger. She keeps this fact from Lupiko because she has assessed that the fact might upset her. It is interesting that the weapon belonged to her mother...a touch of sentiment, perhaps?

Elven Calqum Orbwisp Mini Dagger (1D4+1) Can be thrown, and if so, has a +4 success for the benefit of the owner. Rare item, handed down for three generations of elves, and has a special legacy. Value 12,500 Til.


Simple Dress
Crulix crystalfiber Shoes (highly resistant to heat, these were given to Amalthea by her father just before her crystal infection.)


Talcryl and Talcrylic Script
Alpabe Runes


None. Although Chou handles all of the accounting for 'Atelier Lupiko', and all the business in general, she simply has no real personal needs, and thus has no interest in personal money. Essentially, Lupiko takes care of her, and that is enough.



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