Not a true basilisk at all, this organic crystalline life form is named for what it does, rather than what it actually is. Properly an 'autonomous semiorganic complex replicator', the Crystal Basilisk is actually a highly cooperative symbiosis of several dozen self replicating living crystal components, each of which function akin to organs within a noncrystalline animal. Laced with reticular crysocules, the equivalent of blood vessels, the whole creature is swiftly mobile due to a powerful semi-organic fluid solvent. By injecting the solvent into structures embedded in the outer shell of the Crystal Basilisk, Pirapods are extruded, sharp shafts and spikes which serve to push and lift the creature, and carry it in a tumbling, end over end 'walk'. Pirapods that are not reabsorbed occasionally break off, especially when the Crystal Basilisk moves rapidly, as in hunting prey. No part of the creature is actually flexible, rather, it uses only the extruded Pirapod spines to push and prod itself along, or to spear unfortunate victims.

The Crystal Basilisk possesses no intelligence, but rather is motivated only by simple electrochemical urges or drives. It is attracted to animal tissue, especially tissue that contains high levels of minerals and metals in solution, and it is repelled by powerful vibration, blunt physical damage sufficient to damage it, and by electric phenomena. It can dwell in most environments, but does not truly thrive in extreme cold, or in extremely arid locations. It may become dormant and hibernate almost indefinitely if there is no source of nutrients to sustain it.

The Crystal Basilisk feeds on the complex chemistry of animal life, and can readily convert both tissues and fluids into the semi-organic mineral solutions it requires. The Crystal Basilisk is a solitary creature, and avoids the company of it's own kind entirely, an evolutionary strategy that serves to maximize the amount of food available to it.

Once every ten or twenty years, the Crystal Basilisk will store up enough reserves to permit attempted reproduction. There is only one reproductive strategy available to the Crystal Basilisk, which is to infect a living animal with a special liquid crystal complex, which will, over a period of several weeks, completely subsume all living tissue and mineral bone. When this is complete, a new Crystal Basilisk is the result. The child will attempt to put as much distance between itself and its parent as possible, and will gradually grow to adulthood, over several centuries. An adult Crystal Basilisk can reach a rough height of 20 feet, and weigh many tons. It can live for up to four centuries, if it is not destroyed. In shape, the main hull of the Crystal Basilisk forms a rough hexagonal-pillar spindle, or hourglass shape, divided by a smaller hexagonal 'waist'. From this main body can protrude any number of Perapod spines. It has no obvious senses or large orifices, but it does possess internal organs and pores which can register vibration, chemistry, atmospheric changes, fluids and vapors, and infra-red and ultra-violet light. It is blind to the visible spectrum.

CR 14, huge crystalline monster
HD 20d12, HP 240, Init -4, Spd 25 ft
AC 48, Atk +8 melee 
Damage: 1D6+2 per spine, 1d12 spines per attack, multiple targets
Reach 20' (spines)
SA: 10% chance Crystal Basilisk may be in reproductive cycle, if so then
it can inject a transformative solution that will convert organic matter (save -6) into a new, small
Crystal Basilisk. Transformation takes 2d8 days to complete, and can be cured by using the solvent 'blood'
of the any Crystal Basilisk in dilute potion form.
SQ: damaged x4 by electrical effects, X3 by vibration damage
Senses: vibration, airborn chemicals, infra and ultra light, but not visible, heat
AL: not applicable
SV Fort+20, Ref 0, Will 0, Str 44, Dex 8, Con 42, Int 0
Wis 4, Cha: not applicable, 20'+ in height.
Skills and Feats: Climb +6 (spines)
Special Attack: Reproductive fluid, (see above)
Special Qualities: Unintelligent organic crystal monster is driven only by base needs to feed on organic tissue,
avoid serious damage, and rarely, to reproduce. Solitary creature, only one Crystal Basilisk will ever be encountered at a time,
per any given 100 mile zone. 
No treasure associated with this lone predator, and if destroyed the crystal material of its shape
has a value of 1 Til per pound. The solvent fluid 'blood' is highly prized, however, and can be used
to shape rock and mold stone, even gemstones. 500 Til per ounce. The fluid is volatile. however, and evaporates
in seconds if not preserved.


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