NAETA WAISMULO Alchemist Faction

Quick History:

The personal assistant for Dr. D. E. Makineri for about four years, Naeta was a highly intelligent, rather proper, and extremely dedicated young man. He was especially good with organizational tasks, and so impressed Dr. Makineri, that he was soon requested for a special permanent appointment as a personal assistant to the doctor.

Naeta grew up in Gyranfryll, the only son of an elite Alchemist family involved with the goverment. He had the best education possible, and enjoyed a wealthy and comfortable life. Even so, Naeta never became spoiled from such abundance, and felt a strong drive to help others. This attracted him to the writings of D. E. Makineri, and Naeta came to admire the man. Thus it was that being appointed as the personal assistant of his hero was a dream come true for the idealistic Naeta.

In his personal life, Naeta was a keen Taasen player, but also excelled at sports, including the Gryrnese version of football. Muscular and handsome, yet somewhat shy, Naeta was well admired by women, and never lacked for companionship. He was known to favor Quilsit, a pudding made from tea and plum, and owned two pet Koi fish, Yaku and Miti. 

Abbreviated Stats:

Naeta Waismulo
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Occupation: Alchemist Faction Assistant Binder
Alignment: Lawful Good

Height 6' 1", Weight 220 lbs. Grey-Green eyes, Sand-blond hair with Alchemists ponytail. Prefers tying hair with a ribbon, rather than a clamp. Pale skin.

KINSEY         1.8 (heterosexual)
RELIGION      Agnostic


LYMCIT PHO Alchemist Faction Defense Commander
IGER ARLEX Alchemist Faction

Quick History:

Gryrnese Defense Commander Lymcit Sriracha Pho was born to a generation-spanning military family that claimed direct decent from Palim Pho, The traditional Alchemist Faction co-signer of the original Pact Of Myrmil. Lymcit was trained from childhood to be in the Defense Force, expected to be in the Defense Force, and given no other options whatsoever. Needless to say, he joined the Defense Force.

Risen to the supreme rank of Commander (the highest position within the Gryrnese military) , Pho is answerable only to the direct order of the Governmental Council itself, and is responsible for all the military of Gryrnu. Second in command of the B, or 'Beth' Ark, Pho is assisted by his lifelong friend and personal attendant, Iger Arlex. Commander Pho is a strong, determined, absolutely no-nosense kind of man who admires logic, strategy, and tactics above all else. When he is not acting as commander, even his recreation revolves around wargaming, study, and of course, Taasen. He has been the Gryrnese grand Taasen champion for six years straight.

Although Commander Pho is responsible for the obliteration of most of the last Jelly cities in the deserts of Gryrnu, the orders to eliminate the threat of a sapient Jelly uprising never set well with him. It was he that fought to allow the last Jelly enclave, the Jelly city of Visco, to remain standing for purposes of trade...for which he was willing to take full responsibility. Although the Jellies were ultimately no match for the vastly superion human weapons, Pho could not help but admire the dogged, hopeless, but tactically clever efforts of the desperate Jelly people to survive. From this respect came a fragile wish that some better solution might somehow be found.

Iger Arlex, older by 25 years, was caring for Lymcit from his birth. The assistant to Pho's father, Arlex much preferred the more kindly and organized temperament of young Lymcit. As Lymcit rose in rank, Arlex was always there, the man behind the man who would be commander. Arlex is an efficient, somewhat snobbish, even occasionally rude man, but he is utterly devoted to his lifelong occupation of supporting 'Young Master Pho'.   

Abbreviated Stats:

Lymcit Pho
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Age: 46
Occupation: Alchemist Faction Defense Force Commander
Alignment: Lawful Good

Height 6' 3", Weight 260 lbs. Flat Grey eyes, White hair with Alchemists ponytail. Ruddy skin.

KINSEY         0.5 (strongly heterosexual)
RELIGION      Rigidly Atheist

Iger Arlex
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Age: 71
Occupation: Alchemist Faction Elite Personal Assistant
Alignment: Neutral Good

Height 5' 11", Weight 180 lbs. Brown eyes, Grey hair, with male pattern baldness evident. Alchemists ponytail. pale skin.

KINSEY         3.0 (Bisexual)
RELIGION      No Opinion


REI NAXELA Alchemist Faction Governmental Council Head
KAORU ESPONU Wiccan Faction Personal Assistant

Quick History:

Born and raised in Gyranfryll Wabe, the second daughter of the Elite Alchemists 'Red' Saara, and Melah Naxela, Rei was destined for power from birth. Her success with ending a worker's rebellion led by D. E. Makineri paved the way for her to ascend to the position of Third Seat on the Governmental Council. Shrewd and cunning, Rei was used to getting what she wanted, and was willing to do whatever was needed to accomplish goals.

In her private life, Rei bred rats and won the 'Mus Cup' twice for her efforts. She had few friends, and spent her time reading, and scheming. She was a bright, ruthless, ambitious woman.

Rei was the captain of the 'A' or 'Aleph' Arkship, a position for which she was justifiably proud.

Kaoru Espona, Rei's personal assistant, was a light spirited, sometimes flippant, but dedicated young man. He was known to have had an attraction to Rei, which she somehow never noticed. Kaoru had one pet, a rat gifted him by Rei, which he treasured, and named 'Naxi'.    

Abbreviated Stats:

Rei Naxela
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Age: 31
Occupation: Third Seat, Governmental Council Of Gryrnu
Alignment: Neutral

Height 5' 7", Weight 180 lbs. Black eyes, dark brunette hair. Pale skin.

KINSEY         2.1 (more or less heterosexual)
RELIGION      Agnostic

Kaoru Esponu
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Occupation: Wiccan Faction Elite Personal Assistant
Alignment: Lawful Good

Height 5' 5", Weight 130 lbs. Green eyes, silver-blond hair. Tan skin.

KINSEY         3.5 (more-or less Bisexual)
RELIGION      Wiccan


DACHI ACHYX Alchemist Faction Defense Force Lieutenant

Quick History:

Quick tempered and quick witted, Dachi is not as disciplined as she could be, but nonetheless is highly capable. She gained her position by breaking orders and saving the life of the son of a member of the Council staff during a desert expedition, and this action was ultimately well rewarded. Although a bit of a maverick, Dachi is a superior fighter with almost any weapon, specializing in all forms of bladed weaponry. A second degree winner of the Fire Island Martial Artistry competition, she was selected for Ark Duty by Thilia herself.

Dachi has a smart mouth, and in her private life, enjoys sports and socializing. She is a very accomplished artist, and also a writer, having published three novels. Before being called to Ark Duty, she had been arranging a marriage to her lover, but was forced to overtly break off the relationship by the Council, since she would not be allowed to take a husband with her to the new Worldplate. Understanding the ruthlessness of Gryrnese society, she did what she had to do to survive. 

Dachi never wears Alchemist glasses, even though they are notrmally required by law. Achyx is one of the very rare few Alchemists who have a special dispensation. She does not have to ever wear Alchemist glasses, nor does she have to pay a fine. One in 3000 people has a severe, life threatening allergic reaction to the specific molded ceramic that the glasses are made of, Achyx is one of those people. The first time she put on a pair, it nearly killed her. Her face ballooned out and if not for the quick insertion of some carved wooden implements, she would have suffocated. Fortunately, there was an Academy Wiccan staff healer nearby.     

Abbreviated Stats:

Dachi Achyx
Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Occupation: Alchemist Faction Defense Force Lieutenant
Alignment: Neutral

Height 5' 8", Weight 160 lbs. Teal eyes, Long Black hair. Pale skin.

KINSEY         1.5 (heterosexual)
RELIGION      Agnostic


WAEN PAHWORZU Alchemist Faction Government Council Head

Quick History:

The Second Seat on the Governmental Council Of Gryrnu, just under Thilia Lillinflylst herself, Waen was the captain of the 'B' or 'Beth' ark, but stayed too long arguing with Rei Naxela.

Waen achieved the Second Seat because of his keen intellect. Rated as having one of the highest natural intelligences recorded in a human (relatively unmutated human stock), Waen could perform complex calculations in his head, without need of pen or paper. Waen, at the time part of the support staff for the Governmental Council, simply walked into Thilia's chambers one day when she was alone, and explained how he had deduced the entire true history of Gryrnu, as well as the true purpose of the Colony Project across the sea simply from having paid attention the world around him.

Thilia initially considered having Waen eliminated, but as he himself had calculated, the degree of his intellect was too great to waste, and so he was offered the opportunity to elevate his position. He gladly accepted. Waen was found to be particularly effective, because, although he possessed a supreme intelligence, he was of a nature that totally and utterly desired to conform to rules and expectations. Waen became the best Second Seat the Council had ever had, and governed all judgements about the many Cultural Binders employed to keep the rigid society of Gryrnu intact.         

Abbreviated Stats:

Waen Pahworzu
Sex: Male
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Occupation: Second Seat, Governmental Council Of Gryrnu
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Height 5' 10", Weight 190 lbs. Hazel eyes, Brown hair. Ruddy skin.

KINSEY         1.4 (heterosexual)
RELIGION      Atheist




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