A Unicorn Jelly is essentially an artificed creature. The result of introducing a half pint or more of urine derived from the incredibly rare 'Godlike' or 'Holy Unicorn' (treat as a lesser Deity) into the material substance of either a 'Bideokeemu Slime' or a 'Bideokeemu Jelly'. The singular 'Unicorn Jelly' is a most remarkable species.

The Unicorn Jelly, appears essentially as a modified Bideokeemu Jelly. The Unicorn Jelly is about 3 feet in diameter, and can reach up to 3 feet in height, when puffed up. If the Unicorn Jelly flattens out, it can become as thin as 6 inches in height, with a corresponding increase in diameter. Dome shaped, the Unicorn Jelly is not acidic or corrosive, like it's Bideokeemu origins, neither is it slimy or sticky to the touch. The Unicorn Jelly feels soft and warm, dry and springy, not unlike a Human infant's bottom.

Unicorn Jellies begin life appearing as an unremarkable, bubble-shaped Bideokeemu Jelly, other than having the characteristics of the above described texture, an opalescent snow-white coloration, and a detectable radiation of magical Dweomer, as well as an uncharacteristic radiant purity. This purity can be detected by others based on their alignment. Detection is Difficulty Class 4, +1 for each alignment above Chaotic Evil. Thus: CE=DC 4, NE=DC 5, LE=DC 6, CN=DC 7, N=DC 8, LN=DC 9, CG=DC 10, NG=DC 11, LG=DC 12.

 Bideokeemu Jellies have two eye strips, which are shining, black, gelatinous organs of sight, which appear as two vertical bars side by side at the 'front' of the spheroid creature. Unicorn Jellies share this trait, only their eyes are more robust and can see in low light as per Elves, roughly twice that of Human ability. At level 10 or above, this becomes equivalent to Infravision, which allows sight even in total darkness.

Bideokeemu Jelly
CR 1/2, small gelatinous monster
HD 1D8, HP 6, Init -2 (slow), Spd 9 ft
AC 6, Atk +2 melee 
(1D4 per level of Jelly, acidic damage to flesh and metal)
SA: can flatten and ooze through small passages
SQ: protoplasmic organism has no vital organs, no criticals
60 ft. darkvision, AL: N, but easily led by evil creatures
SV Fort+2, Ref +2, Will -4, Str 4, Dex 12, Con 17, Int 9
Wis 4, Cha 14 (!), 3 ft diameter
Skills and Feats: Ooze +4, Climb +8 (adhesion)
Special Attack: Acid Burn DC 11 (1d4) subdual damage (pain)
Special Qualities: the Bideokeemu is capable of social behavior and will sometimes
form fragile cities built of slime and excretions. Rare variations with higher intelligence
and an attraction to higher alignments may attempt to copy Human or Elvish civilization,
even to the point of tool use, homes and castles, and weapons and armor.
Most Bideokeemu, however, frequent both the overworld and the underworld equally,
operating alone in search of metals and organic matter to dissolve and consume. The
Bideokeemu Jelly often stores metal objects inside its fluid body to consume
during lean times, and thus will have 1D10 number of gold or silver coins inside it.
Bideokeemu of all sorts reproduce by multiple fission, splitting not into two halves,
but into a parent body and 1D6 tiny offspring. The Bideokeemu are physically sexless,
but have an internal gender moiety that may be male, female, or some combination, just
as in humanoid species. This gender moiety is stable and permanent from the start,
and affects the Bideokeemu's behavior and affiliations.
Bideokeemu are damp, cool, slippery, but can become sticky, and are acidic to the touch. 
They excrete mucus, which protects them against each other except for deliberate attack.
Bideokeemu are various shades of almost any color, including, rarely, a milky clear. The color
of a Bideokeemu is set from the start, and cannot generally be changed. The most common color
is green, and the most uncommon colors are black and white, which are almost unheard of.
Very rarely, dry, cool, soft and smooth Conical Bideokeemu mutants may occur, which appear noticeably different
in appearance because their thicker substance causes them to be tall, or even conical.
These mutant Bideokeemu are often outcast by other, normal Jellies, and must find
their own way in the world. Conical Bideokeemu tend to be more intelligent by far, (Int 16, average)
and are often of much higher alignment (CG-LG) than the standard Bideokeemu as well.
It is speculated that the pollen of some flowering plant may occasionally cause this
mutation of the standard Bideokeemu Jelly.
the Bideokeemu Slime is a flat puddle with similar stats to the Bideokeemu Jelly,
only with all stats halved (1/2) except for attack, an AC of 18 (it is a puddle!), and no climbing ability at all.


As the result of significant crisis, the active magic from the Holy Unicorn urine will cause mutation to occur within the developing Unicorn Jelly. The first mutation is almost always the development of a horn. The horn of a Unicorn Jelly is set just above its eyes, and is not spiral, but simple in structure. It is made of the substance of the Jelly, but is incredibly sharp and incredibly indestructible. Indeed, if the Unicorn Jelly is ever utterly destroyed, the horn will remain, intact, for several hours, until disintegrating into fluid residue. The horn of a Unicorn Jelly radiates magical sharpness, and can penetrate most objects and materials because it is partially out of phase with the surrounding universe.

The second mutation of the Unicorn Jelly is the development of a tail, which is used for balance. The weight of the horn will tend to tip the Jelly over on its 'face' until the tail forms, giving a +4 penalty to the difficulty in any use of the horn by the creature. This difficulty increase vanishes as soon as the tail appears. Both horn and tail will develop no matter what, once the creature reaches level 4.


CR 1/2, small gelatinous Holy Artificed Creature. Can be a Player Character.
HD 1D12, HP 12, Init +6 (fast!), Spd 30 ft
AC 12, Atk +4 melee (1D6 per level of Unicorn Jelly, phase/puncture/purity damage)
SA: horn is partially out of phase and can penetrate most matter, +4 sharpness. Horn acts as a Neutralize Poison on contact, and also does 1D6 additional damage per level to Undead, or creatures with alignments below NE. Unicorn Jellies can always see the true alignment of any other creature, even a Deity.
SQ: protoplasmic organism has no vital organs, no criticals
90 ft. darkvision, 
AL: Lawful Good, unicorn holiness sanctifies the Jelly
SV Fort+4, Ref +5, Will 18, 
Str 11, Dex 18, Con 18, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 18
Dexterity note: Unicorn Jellies cannot actually hold an object, because they lack hands, and also lack the ability to become sticky or to ooze protrusions like the Bideokeemu. However, they are very adept at using their horn as a tool of manipulation, and can push, prod, poke, or tap objects with great precision. They can also balance objects on the tip of their horn. The base of the horn is surprisingly flexible, and so the horn can effectively be used as a tool by the Jelly.
3 ft diameter
Skills and Feats: Charm +2

Special Attack: Annihilation Charge 1D20 per level of Unicorn Jelly. A successful attack that does more than 18 points damage will generate a purity shockwave that can shatter glass (1D6) or disrupt undead or evil (1D8) for a radius of 1/2 mile around the target. Annihilation Charge can only be used once per entire campaign, and only when the life of the Unicorn Jelly, or the life of a loved one is clearly in mortal danger. After any successful use of the Annihilation Charge a roll must be made to save versus instant death for the Unicorn Jelly, DC 18
A failure to make this Difficulty Class roll results in the total dispersion of the Jelly.
Only a wish or similar power can restore the creature.

Special Qualities: the Unicorn Jelly is one of the rarest creatures in existence.
Although not a true unicorn in form, it cannot help but be drawn to do everything it can to approach that ideal. The Unicorn Jelly will be driven to help those in need, and will fiercely defend and protect any good or kindly creature. A Unicorn Jelly will never attack another of its kind, nor any creature Chaotic Good or above in alignment. Indeed, the Unicorn Jelly avoids combat whenever possible, and only fights in defense of itself or another. Although innately powerful, the Unicorn Jelly is nonviolent whenever possible, and only ever resorts to force in times of dire crisis.

Unicorn Jellies are fundamentally incapable of reproduction, even by fission, and can only be 'constructed', or 'created'.

Unicorn Jellies do not eat metals, and find them distasteful. Rather, the Unicorn Jelly will prefer to dissolve and absorb the sorts of foods that are wholesome and preferred by those of refined taste.
Unicorn Jellies, though alone in the world by construction, are by nature lonely, and desire close bonds and friendships, which they will honor with their very lives. Unicorn Jellies love to cuddle and snuggle, and are warm, dry, and soft to the touch (other than the horn, of course)

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